Hi all! Welcome to my webpage. Those of you who don't know me, I love to play games. Any kind. Indoor, outdoor, computer, board, anything :) On the internet, I am JuneBug or JB to my friends. In the real world, I am Bill or William or James or Eric or "HEY YOU!" but please call me Bill :) My wife is Coy. This is her internet name. In the real world, she is April. We got married on October 28th 2001 Halloween theme wedding

The wedding was beautiful. Got to scan in some pics for all to see I got the Honeymoom pictures up in the Picture section. Go check them out.

Well I finally went and did it. I got my own domain name and a server and I just did a huge site update too. Some things may look the same but the code behind the pages changed. Hope it all works well.

This is how much time is left to our year anniversary!!!

Coy (Left) and JuneBug (right)

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